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                  Holly Berry                     Springtime                     Wood Fairy


                   European Sold !!!      Full Crown Sold !!!

European Style With 4 items (left), With 3 items (center) (Right) We have created a garland that encircles the entire head with flowers, leaves, ribbons, pods, chilies, nuts, and other assorted dried materials. Then we have suspended ribbons from the sides and have sewn flowers and and other materials to it to give the appearance of long flowing hair. This was specially designed for this woman who has very short hair.

When ordering use these colors

Red (001), Blue (002), White (003), Black (004),  Purple (006), Orange (007), Green (009),  Kelly green (111), Yellow (113),  Royal Blue (115), Burgundy (116),  Lavender (118), Pink (118)

Garlands 2 items 3 items 4 items Special Requests
European $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 & up
Full Circle $ 20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $35.00 & up

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(Not Shown are)

Blue Lady (Ice Fairy), Firestorm (Fire Fairy Nightshade (Evil Fairy) Water Lily,  Queen of the Fairies,  Mischief & Grandmother of the Fairies (Mother Nature)

Holly Berry $13.49 Springtime $19.99 Queen of Fairies $41.79 Water Lily $29.99
Butterfly $38.49 Firestorm $10.99 Mischief $39.49 Green Woman $33.49
Wood Fairy $10.99 Nightshade $21.99 Mother Nature $35.99 Water Lily $29.99

We are adding a new line of hair garlands to our growing collection. These beauties are aimed towards our Fantasy  friends.

Garlands are hand made everything is wired and taped. We use the best dried flowers, pods, and assorted dried materials available. We use the highest quality silk leaves that we can find. Most of our Garlands have matching ribbons attached.

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