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 Our feather garlands are unique in shape and design. Our first one is hand crafted with 4" hackles in rust color with natural colored baby's breath. Cost $20.00  Sold !!!

Our second garland is handing from the knob on the dresser in the first picture. This garland is made with 8- 10" chicken feathers in a Black Opalescence.

 This beautiful headpiece is $60.00  Sold !!!


Next we have  a headpiece that was designed especially for a high priestess who was officiating at a wedding for a couple who sought me out at one of the Renfairs. We made this one with 4'6" white chinchilla feathers and added burgundy Oak leaves to it. 

Cost $40.00  


Our fourth beauty is also made with the 4-6" white chinchilla feather and we added royal blue broom bloom to it. This particular headpiece was made for a young lady who wanted it to wear at PENSIC.

Cost $40.00   

When ordering use these colors:

 Red (001), blue (002), white (003), black (004), natural brown (005), purple (006), chinchilla (100), rust (101), Turquoise blue (102), Kelly green (103)

Garlands With leaves With Flowers With both
4-6" Feathers $20.00 $20.00 $40.00
8-10" Feathers $40.00 $40.00 $60.00

Our garlands are made with all feathers or we can add flowers, leaves, sparkle, etc.. Whatever you want.

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