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The Dusty Rose started out as a small flower shop dedicated to the design and creation of new and inventive floral designs for our customers. We have since evolved into a full scale design shop specializing in The Renaissance Era. Featuring mostly feathers, flowers, and fans with a few little baubles thrown in here and there to keep things interesting. 

2001 marked our third year in business and we are growing. We have just finished our second festival season. At  The 2001 Medieval Fantasy Faire .

We have supplied designs for The Costume Holiday House in Fremont, Ohio for The Ohio Renaissance Faire. Our designs are currently being featured on the website of the Rdalton Company in Iowa.  They specialize in Feather boas, fans, and feather masks. Have time check them out. 

Current Plans

2003 is truly an exciting year for us. We have many projects in the works to bring some truly inspiring and delightful design to you.  

In January, we introduced our new Mardi Gras page. We hope everyone had fun with that and we hope to see you again next year.

In February, we introduced our VAMP page dedicated to our Gothic friends and to those who role play.

In March, We contacted a company that specializes in masks in Oregon. We are trying to work on a  collaboration of both of our works. It should be interesting to see what we come up with.

Also in March, started  working with a company in Pennsylvania, that specializes in making poly resin fairies, faes, and elves. We are looking into incorporating some of her tiny creatures into our designs. 

In June, our most recent endeavor, we contacted a couple of costume companies out west. We are looking into the possibility of becoming wholesale distributors. We are very excited about this development. We already have one company that is eagerly awaiting our first catalog; so that they can begin to examine our products. 



The business is owned by Melody Zitter. It is her desire to create a business that she could pass onto her children since then two of her daughters Amanda and Tricia have joined the business and her husband Carl has also become involved. 

It has been a dream come true. We are now truly the family-owned and operated business that I hope will be around for many years to come.


Melody D. Zitter - Owner

I welcome all of your comments and opinions please call or write. Don't be a stranger and if you have a site that you think blends with our let us know.



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